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Pasadena Post Fall 2012

Letter from the President
It is with great sadness that the PNA announces the departure of two truly outstanding members who generously donated their time to the PNA for many years. Pam Foti, who spear-headed the organization of our Halloween event the past several years, moved outside of the PNA earlier this year and Kit Slawski, a PNA Board Member from the very beginning of the organization, now serves as the Executive Director of the Tosa Pool at Hoyt Park.

The current “Board” consists of myself as President, Michael David as PNA Treasurer, and Tom O’Neil, our Webmaster. We became involved in the PNA as we appreciated the efforts of the PNA to help plan events that our families enjoyed and wanted to make a similar contribution. At various points in the past, the Board typically consisted of at least 2 additional members (Secretary & Vice President) and 2-3 at-large members, which helped to limit the amount of time spent by any one individual as we are all extremely busy with our own family and professional commitments.

In addition, we very much need help from those of you that would be interested in the “one & done” type of volunteering opportunities that are needed for every event. Contact us if you enjoy what the PNA does to try to enrich our neighborhood and are interested in helping out. We hope to hear from you!

Jason Bott

PNA Movie Night & Rummage Sale
The rescheduled PNA Movie Night was held on August 24th from 7:30-9:30PM at the Tosa Pool at Hoyt Park as a first-time joint event with our neighbors just south of North Avenue in the Parkway Estates Neighborhood Association. Approximately 45 families from the PNA and 14 families from the PENA enjoyed a night swim at the pool and a viewing of The Lorax. The PNA would like to thank Kit Slawski for helping us organize the event. Based on the participation rate of this event, we believe there is enough interest to hold it again in 2013 and hope to secure the participation again of the PENA and potentially other surrounding neighborhood associations.

The PNA’s annual neighborhood rummage sale was held on June 1-2. Households that participated in the event reported good results as usual. The PNA placed advertisements in various media outlets and also placed signs around the perimeter of the neighborhood as well as sponsoring an online sign-up list on our website.

Wauwatosa PNA,
Sep 17, 2012, 7:58 PM
Wauwatosa PNA,
Sep 17, 2012, 7:57 PM